AdProfit 2015

In the AdProfit Junior -competition young designers and students create a campaign strategy based on a brief. The client in 2015 competition was National Museum. How to attract more young adults in to the National Museum? Goal of the campaign was to get across the whole museum experience in which the Museum's services and events have a significant role, in addition to the exhibitions. Our idea is After Work at the Museum. The campaign draws attention through the use of alternative choices of media, such as Tinder and WhatsApp. After Work at the Museum -events will transform the National Museum into a meeting place of young adults who are interested in culture and arts. The event-based concept can also be used to create a line of new events in the Museum, such as Night at the Museum, Date at the Museum and Brunch at the Museum. Team: Copywriter & Creative Mira Alhonen Art Director & Creative Tiia Koskela

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